By the one and only Mara DeValkenaere

this is a golden doodle


They love to be outside

Golden doodles are a mix of a golden retrevier and a poodle. In this book you will learn about golden doodles.

coats and color

Golden doodles come in black, golden ,cream , gray , white , chocolate and apricot. Some of their coats lighten with age. Golden doodles coats can range from the soft wavy fluff of a golden retriever coat to the tight curls of a poodle coat. Their coat can be two to eight inches long. If you have a golden doodle with a longer curlier coat like a poodle it may require more grooming care.

This is a baby golden doodle that is so cute


Golden doodles are 20 to 24 inches long. And can weigh 50 to 80 pounds . Another fact on their size is males are bigger females.

This golden doodle is waiting for the camera

Fun Facts

Golden doodles are athletic dogs. A golden doodle makes a wonderful family pet. How much your dog eats depends on its size. Golden doodles are adoptable and fit well into almost any family environment.

they will eat almost anything