Chapter 3 Quote from Holden

"I damn near dropped dead. 'You're damn right I know her" (Salinger). This proves how Holden gets very excited when he finds out that Jane is the girl that Stradlater is going out with. Holden clearly has a connection with her and he has feelings for her because he would not be so appauled to hear any other name. This portrays the American Dream of love because while Holden is empty through flunking classes and getting kicked out of school, getting the girl would fix his problems. That is why this realization that Stradlater is going out with Jane is so upsetting for Holden. Holden does not want Stradlater to take away his opportunity of finding happiness through mutual love. This can also relate to community. There is a poor sense of community because Stradlater is not being a good friend by going after the girl that Holden is interested in and then taking no concern for her at all.

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