Vroomzi.com comes to Columbus...

NEVER pump gas again!

Our Story

The gas station is literally the lemon Sour Patch Kid of all errands. Nobody gets excited about pulling into a busy gas station, spraying pungent petro on your shoes and literally playing finger karate with the credit card keypad. Well, those days are over my friends. With Vroomzi.com we do the filling for you.

How it Works

  1. Sign up for Vroomzi (must be in designated service area)
  2. Download the App
  3. Pay a fixed monthly cost (about as much as one dinner out)
  4. We install a very simple device that allows us to access your fuel tank
  5. Push Get GAS (we will also text you reminders when its' been a while)
  6. Enter the dollar amount/grade or simply push the "FILL IT UP" button.
  7. Dig into a lovely documentary on Netflix or dig into some bad reality t.v. on Bravo
  8. Next time you go back out to your car....VOILA, full tank of gas!


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