Billy Bucket and Jimmy Jalapeno's Business Pursuit! Concept by Kush Shah. Inspired by Graph 12.

What Graph 12 is trying to hide. The story of Jimmy Jalapeno and Billy Bucket and their infamous Buckets of Jalapenos.

Once upon a time, Billy Bucket and Jimmy Jalapeno opened up a convenience store by the name of 'Good Convenience Store'. Their most popular product was... You guessed it! Buckets of Jalapenos. Their sales chart for the Buckets of Jalapenos is displayed above. When they first opened shop, they had made 240 buckets for good measure, and when the doors opened, the rage for buckets of jalapenos was blazing. Everyone wanted one! Quickly, their stock in buckets began to decrease,by about 80 buckets a day. In about 3.75 days, they were out. However, a WHO (world health organization) agent happened to buy a Bucket of Jalapenos. He thought it tasted funny, and tested it for any substances. Their test for any kind of illegal substance ran positive. However, Billy Bucket and Jimmy Jalapeno were already producing more buckets, and quickly. They made about 140 buckets a day. Within a day and a half, the WHO agent had returned, but not before Billy Bucket and Jimmy Jalapeno had made another 210 buckets of jalapenos. The agent placed a quarantine on the product, thus not allowing anyone to throw them out or purchase them. Billy Bucket and Jimmy Jalapeno were placed under arrest for the use of illegal substances in their product. There was no change in the product's quantity of 210 buckets for about 4 1/4 days, Billy and Jimmy were arrested, and only had 210 of their most famous and dangerous product left in stock. Well, it was good for the 3 3/4 days it lasted.

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