by Mara DeValkenaere


Here at Disney world their are many things to do like go to UNIVERSAL,EPCOT, DISNEY'S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS, ANIMAL KINGDOM and MAGIC KINGDOM.You will have a great time at all of these places so make your pick and make sure that's where you go first.

This is the castle at magic kingdom


The Epcot ball

Epcot stands for EXPERIMENTAL PROTOTYPE COMMUNITY OF TOMORROW.Epcot features many attractions centred on the advancement of technology. As Walt Disney imagined it,Epcot was to be a self- contained city that would incorporate the newest technologies. Epcot was built as a theme  park instead , featuring rides and attractions. It opened in October 1982 and immediately became one of Disney worlds main attractions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


This is the ride tower of terror

At Florida's Walt Disneys world they have simply been transformed into Space Mountain  and main street USA the gateway to the Magic Kingdom all models for the 600 other American style amusement parks. They draw millions of visitors who spend much more than an afternoon or evening in these specialized communities of fun and games. Various animal shows have been introduced from thesea lion attraction in Coneys Island's first park to whales,dolphins,sharks,penguins and sea lions that perform today in California and in Florida.

Fun Facts

the amusement park has evolved into a family vacation center that can cost a visitor 500 dollars a day. disneyland and walt disney world are among the most popular theme amusement parks in the United States.