Quilling Cards – An Amazing Way To Spice Up Your Holiday Gifting Activity

There are many ways in which you can make the idea of giving away a wish card to a person special. We always have the option of buying a mass produced card from the market and just gifting it to that special someone in our lives. But trust me when I say this, the mass produced, machine printed cards just do not come even close to the actual grandeur and elegance that a handmade card might hold. This is even more so if the handmade card was actually carefully designed and created by you.

Paper Quilling is one of the most popular and latest handicrafts to have captured the imagination of artists and craftsmen around the world. Strips of paper in different shades and sizes that can be quilled and glued together to create astonishing shades and designs – now that is something that even the most non- artistic minded person will love. And the entire craft is actually quite inexpensive and easy to manage. You can make some of the most intricate and astonishing works of art with this form and show it off to your loved one, letting them get an idea of how much you really care for them. Paper Quilling really does hold all that potential.

There are various ways in which you can make Quilling cards and turn your simple gifts into surreal works of art. Here are a few ideas for your creative pleasure.

Thinking to convey the message that you are thinking about that special someone in your life or maybe want to wish them with the best of health and wellness? Just create a Quilled card in a sunshine accent and spread the cheer across to the person you love.

Want to mark the advent of springtime or are looking for a way to cheer up someone with your art? A paper quilling card on a colourful butterfly theme is exactly what they need to see to get a sense of just how vivid and happy life can be.

Produce a quilled Christmas tree ornament or a pendant for jewellery and stick it to the front of your card with a little piece of wire for a card that is both a greeting and a modest gift.

Maybe you want to mark Valentine’s Day with a beautiful gift to your loved one? Use paper quilling to create astonishing designs in different shades of red and have a card ready that speaks of truly how much you care for your partner.

The potential for ideas and creativity in this regard is truly unlimited. Quilling cards require patience to make and they will easily speak of your dedication to have nothing but the best gift for your loved one. So don’t hesitate in taking up this simple craft to add spice to your gift idea. Quilledcreations.com is the one website on which you can completely depend for the highest quality quilling cards.


Kate Sanders is an expert in the art of paper quilling who also likes to write many interesting articles and blogs, helping people to take up the craft and make the most of it. She recommends QuilledCreations.com as the best and most trusted source to buy the best quality quilling supplies from.

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