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PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The Calydonian Boar has hardly any fur, is very large, three razor sharp tusks, an armored  belly, small black eyes, rough skin, a thick mane, a spine of sharp bones, and a long scraggly tail.

CRIMES: The beast has destroyed towns of Calydon as well as forests and fields. Farmers have lost their crops to the monster. He has a reputation to kill with his hooves, teeth, and most famously, his tusks. He has killed men, women, children, animals, and plants.

FAMILY HISTORY: The boar has no biological family members, only a creator; the goddess Artemis. She created him in anger when she was not honored at a festival.

FIRST SEEN: The Calydonian Boar was first scene in King Oineus's kingdom in Calydon. There it destroyed houses, workplaces, farms, and streets.

LAST SEEN: The creature was last seen in the forests outside the kingdom. He was knocking down trees, killing animals, and eating them.

CAUTION: This animal is extremely dangerous. He has been known to kill viciously, by stabbing, biting, throwing, and stomping it's victims to death. Do not approach, come into sight of, or try to capture or kill the animal without proper protection, (several weapons, armor, shoes, and other people).

REWARD: A generous reward shall be awarded to the killer of this foul beast. This includes $10,000, the small teeth for arrow heads, the boars fur, skin, meat, and hooves. They will also be given the honor to meet King Oineus himself.

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