What can a Business do for the Environment?

A business can help the environment by re-using materials, this reduces waste and reduces costs for buying the materials again.

Another way is by reducing their wastes and recycling as many of their waste products as possible.

They can also help the environment by reducing travel meaning they are reducing the amount of pollution they are putting into the atmosphere, this can be done by putting more products (bulk) into one transportation.

The businesses could also campaign for a healthy environment, that will raise awareness of the issues, which will also motivate people to get involved and go green.

A company that is environmentally friendly is Walt Disney:

"Walt Disney has been a symbol of childhood memories for decades but they also pride themselves on spreading three core values of citizenship and sustainability throughout the world: Act, Champion and Inspire. Act ethically and consider the consequences your decisions have on other people and the planet. Champion happiness and well-being of kids and families. Inspire kids and families to make positive changes in the world that last.

Some might argue that Walt Disney’s efforts are not tangible enough but their positivity and vast reach of people can’t be denied and will certainly make up for it. After all they successfully inspire the next generation on a daily basis".