End Of Year Project

Scholarship Persuasive Essay

People should see how are world is and,how it would be if we had people in are world. How everything would change and effect the people and how it would look like. Why do we need good people in are world. We need good people because if we have bad people in are world it would be horrible.

Why is it bad to have bad people in are world? I don't think it would be good for our world or are people. Are world would not be the same they would be scared to go out because of how bad the people are. There would be more crime and a lot of people would break the law.

Should people change and turn into good people? The world would be more peaceful with other people and with country's and much more. We would have better chances on having  better and safer world. It's better for our community and are people.

Counter orgument others might say that we shouldn't be good people but instead the opposite of that. In there opinion they might think different from what they think. Maybe those people think negative about the world and we shouldn't take care of it.

We need good people because if we have bad people in are world it would be horrible. People should change into good people because, if we would have bad people in are world no one would really go out of there houses they would be scared and they would be thinking what if something happens to me . The world should no only change just for that but so we won't suffer and have a peaceful life and world.

Recommendation letter

To whom it May Concern,

I have known Fabiola for 2 years I am qualified to write a reference letter to recommend my school graduate because, I am the principle of El Dorado  9th Grade Academy. She was one of the students that would always join every activity  and club she would always help and volunteer in every event.

Fabiola is a good girl she is a very trustworthy. she is a very listener she is and a very social person. Fabiola is  excellent student she has very good grades. Fabiola is a very behaved student, and she would be a good therapist not only because,  she is a very good person with people but she also likes helping people and listing to people.

she would be perfect as a therapist Fabiola as I seed is a very behaved student. Fabiola is not always social but she loves helping people with there problems that's why I think she should be a therapist.


Alexis Ozaeta

Letter Of Intent

Alexis lizzette ozaeta

19789 paisano ave.

El Paso TX 79936

May19, 2015

Lupe Bernal Ranger Security Detectors

11900 Montana Ave.

El Paso TX 79936

Dear Lupe Bernal,

My Job department would be secretary I would be good for this job because, I like talking to people I don’t really struggle with talking with people I don’t know.

I would fit in this job because in the summer I used to help my mom answer the phones so I had experience on how to answer and what to say when I am talking with them on the phone. What I also know is that you have to take messages when the person they want to contact is not there. My major education was on computer and on phone services.

I would like to occupied this job not only because, I have experience and my majors is on that job but I also enjoy being on the phone with people and taking messages for people.


Alexis Ozaeta


Alexis Ozaeta


22589 Santafe Ave.


I would like to be a head nurse for nursing helping take care of baby's in hospitals. So for that I would go to a nursing school to get papered for my professional goal.

I attended to Red Sands Elementary for 6 years which I got A/B honor. I also attended East Montana Middle School which  I lasted there for like 2 years in a half because, then I moved to Jane A. Hambrick   for the middle of 8th grade year which there I have also got A/B honor for my 8th and 7th grade year. Then I have attended El Dorado 9th Grade Academy  which I have been there for 1 year.

I have had experience with taking care of kids and baby's do to baby sitting.my responsibility is to take care of the kids and making sure nothing bad happens to them.

I have a still of talking 3 languages like fore example French,English,Spanish. I also like taking care or kids and have pations.

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