52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Week 47/Album 47

Who:  Cave In - "Jupiter"

When: 2001

Why:  Although this record came out in 2000, I was late to the Cave In party.  Cave In were one of those hardcore bands that got mixed in with a million other metal/hardcore bands between 1997-1999.  I had heard their stuff, and I liked it but it never really stuck out to me.  Then in 2000, when the hardcore scene started shifting to emo, they got more lost in the shuffle. In the early 2000's, you couldn't go to a show without hearing a random emo band on the bill.  For every good punk/hardcore band coming out, there were 3 emo/pop punk bands coming out.  But, right in the middle of all of the Thursdays and Dashboard Confessionals, Cave In restructured their sound, and made an almost flawless rock and roll record.  

Where: I never saw Cave In, for whatever reason.  I would love to see them play this record live though!


I didn't get this album until 2002, so like I said, I missed the Cave In boat. Although they did have some success in 2003 with their album "Antenna".  Something about this record spoke to me at that time.  It just had the vibe of being a great rock and roll record.  It had every element that I love in a record. Fast and slow, highs and lows, great vocal range, excellent sounding drums, sing-along choruses and excellent musicianship.  When I first heard this record, I was blown away it was the same hardcore band I had heard, because the record was so different than their previous stuff.  In a time where bands were all copying off one another, and nothing truly original was coming out, Cave In's "Jupiter" was a nice alternative that stood on it's own legs.

The huge bummer about Cave In is that they always got so much backlash from switching their style, but I thought it did them better.  I think had they stayed the course, they would be one of the biggest rock bands out there right now. Alas, after "Antenna" they (pardon the pun) caved in, if you will.  They went back to their metal and hardcore style, and this album (and Antenna) are the only 2 they ended up branching out into.  I like Cave In's entire catalog, but I think they had something special with the straight up Rock records.

Most of the early 2000's are a blur to me, but one of the things Im glad stuck with me over the years is this record.  "Jupiter" is one of those records that I dont have to be in any particular mood to listen to. Just throw it on, and instant good mood.