Miss. Barnett

Things that will make my classroom different than other teachers.


Fun creative ways to inspire learning!

It's important to find ways to engage students, whether that means going to conferences to find new fun ways to teach the curriculum ,or being creative with the curriculum to get the students moving and learning.

These two videos explain what kind of teacher I want to be. I want to provide a safe, fun environment where children can really explore learning. I plan on working with all of my students individually and as a group to assess the best methods to use to make sure they love learning as they continue their education, because every student is different and deserves a teacher that will go outside the box to really teach the student so they understand. I will have high expectations and encouragement to ensure my students are learning the most they possibly can, and it will also back up my fairness in the classroom because every student will be accountable for themselves.

Every child is different and a teacher needs to be able to reach every child to ensure learning and inspire pride in themselves.

We can change the world!

As a teacher it is my duty to give good examples of how we should conduct ourselves in the community. I hope to be in a school that cares about the community and helping others, so that I can pass that to my students. I want to teach my students that we are supposed to do charity work, and also hard work with various tasks that would not only help them, but they would also help others.

I think it's hugely important to make learning fun to really engage the students for optimal learning to happen

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