Arthur Carl Kanev - Partners for World Health

Arthur Carl Kanev is a passionate and devoted humanitarian who has shown his generosity and compassion in a number of ways. He supports the Partners for World Health organization that has a sound strategy that tackles a number of global issues all at the same time. On the group’s website, they describe themselves as so:

“Partners for World Health is a non-profit organization based in South Portland Maine that is committed to helping reduce medical waste while improving global health. We specialize in recycling and reprocessing medical supplies that health care facilities have discarded. Repurposing these supplies supports our medical mission program of providing the tools necessary to help other countries receive the health care they deserve.

The medical mission program hosted by Partners for World Health offers doctors, nurses and other non-medical professionals the opportunity to volunteer in developing countries that are primarily located in South East Asia and Africa. Our core mission is to have a positive impact on our environment, to bring awareness to the surplus of discarded medical supplies that is helping to drive up the cost of healthcare, and to provide access to healthcare for the poorest of the poor in the developing world.”

Arthur Carl Kanev is proud to support this organization, along with the many others in his network that work every day to put an end to the concerns that Kanev finds to be most pressing in the modern world.

He is a devout humanitarian who wants to make the world a better place.

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