The Father of Psychology?!

William James, born on January 11th, 1842, is 'an American psychologist and philosopher who was trained as a physician'. His psychology career all started with his father who was interested in the topic of philosophy as well. As a child, William would travel to Europe annually in order to attend the best of the schools and also to become 'intertwined' in Europe's various arts and cultures. These trips and constant support from his father paid off because eventually William went to college to further his career in psychology.

William was extremely successful during his career. Not only was he considered the first American psychologist, but he also was the first to create a psychology textbook. Also during his career, William spoke about and supported many different theories. (Pragmatism, functionalism, theory of emotion) One of the most important\popular theories being functionalism. Functionalism, although their is no real founder, is said to be 'founded' by James because he was the first spokesperson for it.

Since William was born in a time period where psychology wasn't really known, William could have been influenced simply by the fact that psychology was'nt really known. Also during this time, World War One was prevalent during the later years in his life. People returning home near the end of the war may have also increased the need of a psychologist. Since there weren't many psychologists, and since William was considered the first American psychologist, many veterans may have needed to come to him in order to receive help. Also, since William studied how environment affected a persons life, many veterans could come to him for help because of their experiences in the war environment.

Here's a video on William James and how he was the 'groundbreaker' of psychology!

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