Calcium, Ca

Calcium, the best bet for everyone
By Terrae McCann

Have a fresh start with calcium.

When traveling to an unknown planet what do you pack? Calcium is the perfect item to bring along don't believe me? Just read along to find out why?!?!?

What is Calcium?

Say calcium and most people think of chalk and bones, but in pure form it is a firm, silvery metal that reacts slowly with water to give off hydrogen gas. Pure metallic calcium has few applications and is rarely seen. It has 20 protons, 20 neutrons and 20 electrons. On the periodic table, Calcium is in Period 4 Group 2 and is in the same Family as Radium, Barium, Strontium, Beryllium and Magnesium. Calcium has 2 valence electrons; Calcium will bond with other elements in the alkaline earth metal family.

Where is Calcium found?

One of the most important elements in the human body, but it is also found in many more places around the world in different forms. In nature it is contained in all types of rocks, in common foods such as cheese, beans, cow's milk and more. Limestone, Subterranean Caves and much much more.


Calcium is one of the most important elements that is needed in your body in order for you to survive. Some more beneficial additions would be growth, Calcium can not only make humans grow but also plants. Going to a unknown planet no need to fear you have Calcium an element that can make things grow. So sit back relax and have some Calcium on your adventure.

Calcium examples

Properties of Calcium-The melting point of calcium is 842°C, boiling point is 1484°C, specific gravity is 20°C, with a valence of 2. Calcium is a silvery white, soft alkaline earth metal. Although none of the alkaline earths occur free in nature, calcium compounds are abundant. It has

Common Uses of Calcium- Calcium is essential for human nutrition. Animals skeletons get their rigidity primarily from calcium phosphate.Calcium is also necessary for plant growth. Calcium is used as a reducing agent when preparing metals from their halogen and oxygen compounds; as a reagent in purification of inert gases; to fix atmospheric nitrogen; as a scavenger and decarbonizer in metallurgy; and for making alloys. Calcium compounds are used in making lime, bricks, cement, glass, paint, paper, sugar, glazes, as well as for many other uses.

The Biological need has five stars because you need Calcium if you don't have Calcium in your body you will die.

The Social need has one star because i wouldn't give up my Calcium or trade it because it is to much of a need.

Functional need has five stars because Calcium can build up your bones to make you strong and it also helps plants grow so u can build up multiple things with Calcium.

The Defensive need has five stars because if you come upon an enemy you can fight them off because Calcium makes you very strong.

Now you know why calcium is the best bet for everyone
The end!!!!!!!!!!

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