Dutch East India Company Offical

I am an official in Dutch East India Company. I represent my government to collaborate with the traders in India. I meet a lot of traders from Europe come here every day. They make pretty big deals, and I can gain a very considerable income from them.


Dutch East India company was the most powerful and richest monopoly in 1600s. It was built for protecting the trade in India ocean and to help in war against Spain and Portugal. When the company grew, they had a lot more power and was no more under control of Dutch government.

I work in Jakarta, Indonesia, a trading station of Dutch East company. Indian cloth, silk spices, and pepper were main goods that Europeans want. I have response to maintaining those. We have totally control of all the business, I record every deal happened here, and the tax revenue.


Also if the business men have any problem I would help them to solve it, I would try my best to keep every trade work well, therefore we can always be the one who has the most benefit.


We use our money to build bigger trade ports and we'll have more and more people come to trade. We build strong army so that they won't get disturbed by the Spanish and Portuguese.

When we gets much stronger, we expand our economic power to the far east, such like Indonesia, Mac cow China, Taiwan, and even Japan.