The Food Guide Pyramid, the triangular symbol you see on many food packages, was developed by nutrition experts at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Pyramid is an educational tool that translates nutrient requirements into the foods you need to eat and helps you put into action the advice offered by the Dietary Guidelines. Nike Mercurial Victory IV CR Interior Obsidiana Plata 140107-024. In graphic form, the Pyramid displays the variety of food choices and the correct proportions needed to attain the recommended amounts of all the nutrients you need without consuming an excess of calories. The Pyramid divides all foods into six categories, based on the nutrients they contain.

The shape of the Pyramid, widest at the base and narrowest at the tip, makes it easy to visualize the contribution that each group of foods should make to your overall eating plan when you follow the Dietary Guidelines. The emphasis of the Pyramid is on increasing the proportion of fruits, vegetables, and grains—those foods that form the base of the Pyramid—and decreasing the proportion of higher-fat foods—the ones at the very top—in our diets. Nike Mercurial Vapor XI CR FG Botas Serpiente Gris Amarillo 140107-011. The grain group, which includes bread, cereal, rice, and pasta, forms the broad foundation of the Pyramid to emphasize that grains should be a major contributor to our overall diet. As often as possible, our choices of grain foods should be those made from whole grains, for the most nutritional value.

As illustrated by the Pyramid, in addition to grains, our diet should include ample servings of fruits and vegetables. If our daily need is to be met for vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other important phytochemicals (plant chemicals that are believed to play a role in preventing disease), the bulk of our diets must come from plant foods. Because of the saturated fat they contain, meats, poultry, and seafood (the high-protein foods) and dairy products (high in protein, calcium, and other minerals) should make a smaller contribution to our daily fare. Foods that occupy the tip of the Pyramid, pure fats (cooking oil, butter, and margarine) and high-fat, high-sugar sweets, are the ones to include only sparingly, like the proverbial icing on the cake. The Pyramid is designed to promote and encourage a plant-based diet, one that is based primarily on grains, fruits, and vegetables. Jordan Prime Fly Blanco Gym Rojo Negro 599582-101. Yet, by including all types of foods, the Pyramid emphasizes the need for us to choose a variety of foods and the fact that there are no “bad” foods.

The Pyramid is designed to address the needs of all persons older than 2 years by providing a range of recommended servings for each food group. The number of servings that you should choose from each food group depends on your calorie needs, which in turn depend on your age, size, sex, and activity level. The lower number of servings provides a total daily energy intake of about 1,600 calories. This calorie level meets the needs of most sedentary women and some older adults. The higher number of servings, which provides approximately 2,800 calories, is recommended for physically active men, teen boys, and some very active women. The middle range of servings is designed to provide about 2,200 calories, sufficient for children, Nike LeBron 11 NikeID Navy Fue Azul 131127-001, teen girls, active women, and most men. These calorie estimates assume that you choose lean meats, lower-fat dairy foods, and vegetables and grains prepared and eaten with minimal added fat and sugar.