Fifty-One TRIO Standard Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit at $129.95.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

The Fifty-One TRIO Standard Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit ties together all your basic supplies needs for using electronic cigarettes while matching your style.

Whether you plan to travel or use your electronic cigarette from home, you won’t have an issue  recharging your spare batteries, as you’ll have access to both a USB cable as well as a standard power cable included in your starter kit. Similar to other starter kits from Fifty-One, enjoy and keep your Club 51 Card to keep you updated on your warranty. This Club 51 card will also serve to remind you that you are now part of a select group of individuals, ready to embrace something new and innovative!

Your starter kit essentials listed below will be stored – with sturdy magnetic closure – in the hard-shell case with gold-embossing.

  1 or 2 x Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 'Cigarette' Battery (Select Desired Quantity)
  1 x Atomizer
  6 x Refill Cartridges
  1 x Standard Wall Charger and Power Cable
  1 x Club 51 Membership Card
  1 X User Manual Booklet (English)

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