Types of Energy!

This shows energy because the rocket is doing work.

This is Mechanical energy because windmill generators are turning the mechanical energy of the wind into electricity.

This is gravitational energy because the earth is pulling on the ball and that is what is causing it to move.

This shows radiant energy because the radio waves are flying through the air and are being received by the satellite.

This represents sound energy because the audio device is picking up sound waves which are being caused by an action.

This demonstrates chemical acid because the potential energy in the chemicals are being released and the acid is enlarging.

This shows thermal energy because the flame is releasing heat.

This is electrical energy because the electric kinetic energy is illuminating the bulb.

This is nuclear energy because the bomb is spiting a atom which is releasing the potential energy of the atom.

This represents energy transferring because the lighting is transferring from the potential energy in the clouds to the kinetic energy flying through the sky and then to the energy in the ground.

This is an example of transforming energy because the solar energy is being turned into work through a number of steps.

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