My Food Chain
By:  Annie Byers

Every food chain starts with the sun.  The sun transfers energy to the producers which in my food chain is grass.  With that energy they create glucose by photosynthesis.  When the plants grow the herbivores come eat them and in my food chain the herbivores are grass hoppers.  10 percent of the energy from the plant is transferred to the herbivore and is transferred to the animal that eats the herbivore and so on.  The grass hoppers are then eaten by the mice which are omnivores.  10 percent of energy from the plant transfers to the herbivore which transfers to the omnivore.  Then comes the carnivore that eats the herbivore and in my food chain the carnivore is a snake.  That snake gets the energy from the mouse to survive.  Then comes the owl that eats the snake and uses that energy to live.  Once the carnivore dies the decomposer, in my food chain a worm, breaks down the remains of the dead plant or animal and gives that nutrients to the soil.