Your Food from Fork to Road: All Bran
By: Christine 8H

Origins:All Bran cranberries & clusters

All bran is one of the breakfast cereal made by the company Kellogg.

The  ingredients childhood

There are 28 ingredients

The first 3 most used ingredients are whole grain wheat, cranberries and sugar.

Whole grain wheat is born from a seed of a certain plant. It's planted, then harvested.

Cranberries grow on long vines in sandy bogs.

Sugar is made from sugar canes or sugar beets.

Most of the other ingredients are made from corn. For example corn syrup.

The meeting

All the ingredients are gathered and meet by Kellogg's. The company that makes All Bran cereal. The creator. They use the ingredients to create All Bran Cereal Cranberries and Clusters .

To prepare the grain,by having it cleaned.Then it's mixed with flavoring in a rotating pressure cooker.This is how the grain is cooked. Then it goes trough a dying oven. There is enough water in the cooked grain,so it's soft and solid. It can also be shaped if needed.

Soon,after cooling off for a few hours,the grain goes through a process called temping. The grains are flatted under lots of pressure. Then they go into ovens where it will roost them to a good color  and flavor.This is how flaked cereal is made.

Moving day

It's done. The cereal is made and now just needs to be packaged.

An automated machine will package the cereal. About 40 boxes per minute. The box is a rectangle. It will have the design on it already. The design of the box displays what the cereal is and other facts about it. The box is strong enough it won't break. The bag that contains the cereal is moisture-proof plastic. The cereal is put inside the bag,enough to fill in the whole bag. The top  of the bag it's easy to tear so people can open it easily. It's sealed with heat. The top of the cereal box(where people will open it) is sealed with weak glue unlike the rest of the box,which used strong glue.

The cereal is packaged and ready to go. A carton is filled with the boxes,which will hold  12,24 or 36. Soon it's shipped of to the store.

New Place

After  waiting to be brought for who knows how it.It's brought to someone's home.The cereal box is opened many times, until eventually the box is empty. The cereal has gone into someone's body. The box is all that's left. Soon it will be thrown away or reused for something else.

Last stop

The cereal has entered the body and goes  through the digrestive system. While helping the body. Eventually it gets to the last stop. Down the toilet it goes.

Facts about founders

Brothers John Harvey Kellogg and Will Keith Kellogg founded the company Kellogg together. The name was changed many times.They first cereal they created was Corn Flakes. In 1916 All Bran was made. Unfortunately the two brothers got into a fight because John(the older name) saw his little brother has less than him.They sued each other. They each got their own companies. They never speak again. On his deathbed John woke an apology letter to his brother,but his brother never got it.


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