Have You Been Hungry Lately?

Read to End Your Pain!!!

Your kid can stop being afraid. They can stop hiding. Only YOU can end their suffering. Send them to the Third Child Transfer Program today!!!

The Hidden Will be Found!

Turn in your third children today! The government will go easier on your financial punishment if you turn your kids in now. If you choose not to turn them in now, when they are found, and they WILL be found, we will take away everything you own. We will destroy your job as well as for the rest of your relatives. We will take GREAT care of your child as soon as you turn them over to us. They will be given to a nice family that has been certified through our third child transfer program and has no children, or only one child. It would be better for your child to join our great program. They will finally have the life you were never able to provide them. Your third child will feel like they are "in heaven" with this program. You will be doing the right thing. Just think about the people starving because of YOUR decision. They will be saved now with the children in different families where food can be distributed evenly. Make the right choice today!!!!!! by Sami Brown

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