Exploration For France

I am the only one who can do it exactly how you want it.

It is 1535 in France

I am an experienced explorer looking to represent you in a voyage to North America. I was born in England in 1500 but I would like to represent France in my voyage instead of England. I know that you are looking for specific resources such as gold and land and I am prepared to gather these resources for you. I want to go to North America because I have heard that it is a land full of gold and opportunity and I know that France is the best country in Europe and you, Francis the First deserve all of the riches in the world. I expect to encounter Natives whom I will try to be diplomatic with but I will use force if necessary to remove them from France's land. I also expect to have to deal with the English and Spanish whom I will be prepared to face and will drive out to get more land for you my king. I know that the other countries that we are competing with are looking for gold, land, and trade routes and I will fight to get the best for you and only you.  Some of the obstacles that I expect to encounter are starvation, dehydration, and disease. I will handle starvation by bringing more food than actually necessary and putting my best huntsmen to work as soon as we reach North America. I will handle dehydration by making sure that I claim land by a clean river with safe drinking water. I will handle disease by putting those with a disease away from the rest of my crew so that the disease can not spread. This is why you should pick me to represent you in a voyage to North America.

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This project was prepared and created by Anderson Broughton