MHS Tech Tips


Who to Call

We will always be more than willing to direct you to the right person to call and below is a document explaining each of our roles. This will help assist you on who to contact.

Browsers for the Best Success

Teacher Access Center (TAC) & eSchoolPlus - Use Internet Explorer                Version 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0

Eduphoria -Use Chrome or Firefox

SchoolWires - Use Chrome

Midway Logins

  • MIDWAY LOGIN: TAC, Outlook, Eduphoria, SchoolWires, Google Network. Changes every 90 days and should be changed on computer, Ipad, Iphone.
  • Students are provided with email accounts and google accounts with passwords to see these instructions click here.
  • Please make sure that all technology you are using is secure and do not allow anyone to use your computer or IPad that you're logged into.

MHS Staff Development

Tech Work Orders

  • Midway staff development classes are offered both online & face-to-face (9 hrs needed). Please refer to Eduphoria – Workshops for a list of offerings.
  • You may request credit for non-district classes (prior approval recommended)
  • There will be a new way to put in work orders
  • In Eduphoria on the main screen will be HELP DESK
  • For emergencies ONLY you may call the help desk by dialing HELP (4357)
  • Click the button below to get exact instructions on help desk

Checking Out Equipment

  • All equipment and computer lab reservations goes through Eduphoria: Facilities and Events. Click here for instructions.
  • The Laptop top cart is for staff use ONLY.
  • To check out IPads and Dell Minis a training must be done by the teacher before you reserve them.
  • To pick up your items come to room L7 in the library.

AUP & Directory

Parents can choose to decline to display student work online through the AUP portion of the online registration.

Parents can choose to decline to display their picture or videos through the Directory portion of the online registration

Please make sure you are aware of what students cannot be published.

Final Reminders:

  • Apple TVs will be coming to everyone's room very soon. To see instructions on Apple TV click here.
  • Citrix is no longer being supported. This will be replaced by a new app that is not ready yet
  • Please drop off your old printer cartridges in the recycle box – library computer lab
  • For more information on teacher access center (TAC) click here.
  • For forethought directions click here
  • EMAIL: Remember emails are a part of the Open Record Act so please be professional. You should not use campus email groups for personal reasons. If you need to get information about something personal (house for sale, dog for sale, etc.) use the Midway buy and Sell board. Click here for instructions.

Helpful Buttons:

Final Thoughts to Start this Year Off........