11 Wonderful Drink Treats for Your Kids

  • 1. Fruit juice

There are plenty of delicious fruits out there for this, not just the undying OJ (orange juice) so give your kids some choices: serve them dragon fruit juice, papaya juice, apple juice, broccoli juice and even tomato juice. Let them know there are plenty of flavors that exist in the universe and that if they don’t want orange juice, they can pick another.

  • 2. Milk

Milk is still one of the best drinks for your little tykes. If your kids are lactose-intolerant, though, you could switch to soy milk. Made from cold bean curd Singapore soy milk is healthy and delicious, with plenty of tasty flavors that appeal to kids. Aside from soy milk, there’s also almond milk.

  • 3. Chocolate drink

This is a winner, for both kids and adults alike. There’s no other taste like it on earth. Try making hot chocolate for your kids. They’ll love it especially if you serve them steaming cups of cocoa on a rainy day.

  • 4. Fruit shake

There’s the old-time favorite, mango shake. Other well-known types are melon shake, watermelon shake and if you like something exotic, avocado shake that tastes pretty awesome and delish.

  • 5. Milk shake

Yes, we love milk shakes too. Vanilla and chocolate and strawberry: these three classic flavors really rock our world. This is why milk shakes will always have a place in our hearts.

  • 6. Iced tea, made from real lemon.

There are iced teas from sachets. We’re not talking about that though. We’re talking about iced tea from freshly-squeezed lemons. We’re talking about really mouth-watering lemonades you can serve your kids in the afternoon, after a particularly sweaty game of tag or hide and seek.

  • 7. Hot ginger ale

This is especially good for sore throats. If your little singer is feeling under the weather, this will perk her spirits right up.

  • 8. Frozen fruit juice

Imagine watermelon in ice cream form. Or avocado or even mango. You can easily create frozen treats for your kids. There are kits available for it in many groceries.

  • 9. Kiddie cocktails

Search online for recipes like Mock Pink Champagne or Frozen Watermelon Mint Daiquiris which are nonalcoholic beverages for kids. The names alone are sure to tickle the imagination of your little prince and princess.

  • 10. Kodomo no Nomimono

If you’re really lucky, you can get your hands on a couple of this. It’s an apple-flavored Japanese nonalcoholic drink for kids that looks and even foams up like a real beer, for more fun.

  • 11. Make believe drinks from their favorite books.

Ever heard of frobscottle? The fizzy drink in the Big Friendly Giant story of Roald Dahl? How about Harry Potter’s butter beer? Any of those make-believe drinksare sure to be a hit with your kids any day.