Teen Sailing Team

Turning Heads In Elite Sports Circles

Katie Flood and David Hein Make It Happen

Did you watch any of the Americas Cup regatta in San Francisco California last month? Oracle Team USA was certain to lose when they were down to NZL 1-8 in a first to 9 championship! Team USA fought teeth and nail and won an unprecedented 8 races in a row to with the Americas Cup regatta for a second time in a row.

Sailing's not exciting you may be thinking, but go to youtube and watch some of the AC34 races. These boats literally fly across the water at speeds up to 50 MPH and get so close to wrecking that you are at the edge of your seat.

That is the same feeling you get when you hear Teen Sailing Team members Katie Flood and David Hein talk about their experience, strength and hope as they fight their way up-hill to become the #1 team in the Olympic NACRA 17 class of sailboat. Their monumental effort is taking them around the globe and giving them exposure to fans far and wide, and they are telling all to highschool sailing teams and yacht club organizations that request them to come and talk about the opportunities that exist for teenagers in a world where you can achieve anything that you are willing to work for!

Take a moment to read a little about Katie and David's journey and how they are making news with every step they take here on their blog http://www.followustorio.com. You will be both amazed and impressed by what these teenagers are doing and how they are turning raw ambition into success!

Click on the link above. Do it today. Do it now!

David Hein is a 16 year old athlete from Cleveland, Ohio
Katie Flood is a 17 year old athlete from Miami, Florida

They sail boats...fast boats

Together they are doing the impossible and are opening up to their peers about how they can do it too! http://www.followustorio.com