US French Revolution Relations

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Hamiltonians Federalists

"in the contrast between England and France, you have chosen to support the democratic rabble rather than to side with the orderly, stable British government, our best trade partner" -Hamilton

This quote is significant because it shows how the relations between the Hamiltonians and France wasn't strong nor even there. They Hamiltonians strongly sided with great Britain because France let them down and they loss hope. Also like Hamilton himself said, they believed that Great Briatin was the best trade.

" Would to heaven we could discern in the mirror of french affairs the same humanity, the same decorum, the same gravity, the same order, the same dignity, the same same solemnity, which distinguished the cause of the american revolution" - Hamilton

This quote clearly again shows how the Hamiltonians viewed France as and how they didn't obviously support them or the battle. Hamilton and his Followers believe that the french and american revolution are not one i  the same and shouldn't be compared. Even though many believe that the american revolution was one of the major factors that stared the french revolution , the Hamiltonians opposed that.

  • Hamiltonians strongly appose to France, in contrast with the Jeffersonians commitment towards them.
  • Hamilton doesn't believe the french and american revolution are one in the same unlike Jefferson
  • Hamilton views France a democratic rabble while Jefferson sees them as a place of equality and hope
  • Hamiltonians believe in a strong central national government and they are federalist
  • Jeffersonians are democratic-republicans
  • The rebels of the french revolution won the war

The reflects the song because t parallels with the Hamiltonians view of the French Revolution. The Hamiltonians believed in a strong central government and the song said " I will take care of you" which the government would do for the states. Also in the song it referred to " being hurt by someone, by the the way you carry yourself"  this extends to the states and how the Hamiltonian once believed in France but they got no where and in so ceasing their beliefs in them. This why the Hamiltonians realtion with france wasn't so good.

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