The Heart of Comedy
Robin Williams

July 2, 1951 - August 11, 2014

On August 11, 2014 the world lost a husband, father, comedian, artist, friend, and a wonderful human being. Williams was found dead inside his home in Paradise Cay, California. The California coroner ruled his death a suicide. No drugs or alcohol were involved in his death, but instead it was ruled he died from asphyxiation. Williams was suffering from an increase in paranoia and depression. Doctor's say that Williams was misdiagnosed with parkinson's disease and instead say the critical factor that led to Williams death was actually Lewy Body Dementia (LBD). Most people found his death a shock for everyone only saw him as the loving, kind, and comical person he was on the outside.

Williams was a Julliard drop out who began his career through stand up comedy at the Holy City Zoo in San Francisco, California. Not long after Williams started to participate in film and television, but not everything was great and successful for Williams. Williams started to suffer from anxiety and stress due to stand up comedy which cause him to participate and experiment with drugs and alcohol. Williams suffered with drug addictions for a long time until he had a wake up call when his first son, Zak, was born and his close friend, John Belushi, died. He then swore off drugs and stayed with his love of film and stand up comedy. After his end with drugs he created some of his most popular pieces of work including; "Mrs. Doubtfire" "Jumanji" "Patch Adams" "Aladdin" "The Butler" "What Dreams May Come" "Flubber" "Fern Gully" "Good Morning Vietnam" and many more. He brought tears of sadness, tears of joy, and tears of laughter. As president Barak Obama said, "He was one of a kind. He arrive in our live as an alien, but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit".

Gone But Not Forgotten

After Williams death, his spirit stayed alive in everyone. Everyone, every place that had a connection to him had a tribute of some sort. Reporters received this statement from Williams wife, Susan Schneider "I lost my husband and my best friend while the world lost on of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings". There were memorials full of flowers, candles, and pictures at his home and places he filmed movies. Fans also set up a memorial at Williams start at the Hollywood walk of fame. It wasn't just fans who watched his work who gave tributes, but also those who knew him through his work. The Broadway Theater in New York dimmed lights for one minute in his honor. The broadway aladdin cast had a sing along to "friend like me". All channels run by disney released a showing of the original "Aladdin". On September 9, 2014 PBS aired a 1 hour special. The most memorable tribute was probably the one at the 66 primetime Emmy Awards on August 25, 2014. Billy Crystal, a friend of Williams, said, "he was the brightest star in our comedy galaxy".  This statement will forever be 100% true and while he is gone in body Williams will never be forgotten and his spirit and humor will live on forever.

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