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How I came up with my first pet's name

My parents actually had a cat before i was born, but the cat i remember getting was my cat named Jumau (Shoo-mah), which is french for twin because she looked exactly like the cat my parents got before i was born.         She looks exactly like the picture below.

What I took when no one was looking

About 2 - 3 years ago i was at wal-mart and I really wanted a pack of gum but my parents wouldn't let me, so when no one was looking I took it. It tasted quite good.

The book i read and re-read as a kid

When I was a kid iread the book Tarzan over and over and over.

My greatest talent

My greatest/biggest talent is soccer for a club called FC Spokane.

Where I went when I first skipped school

In second grade I skipped school to go to the hospital because my sister was being born.


First of all my name is Evan, I am averagely tall for my age, I have dirty blonde medium sized hair, and blue eyes. I live with my parents' and have one sister. My parents names are Courtney (dad) and April (mom) and my sister's name is Taya. My favorite color is forest green just like the background, my favorite sports are basketball and soccer, I play for my school's eighth grade JV basketball team and for FC Spokane's select or as some people call it the B team. I have 2 cats named Chang and Jumau and a dog named Cate (kay-tee). Chang is a Siamese cat, Jumau is a tabby cat, and Cate is a Black lab mixed with American Staffordshire terrier. I did have a cat named China but she passed away in late 2014, she was also a tabby cat like Jumau. When im bored or don't have anything to do around my house I usually end up kicking a little foam ball around my room, playing basketball with my miniature hoop on my wall or playing a game called Destiny on my playstation.        

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