The evolution of Communist theory and practice

Karl Marx was the first person to think about communism.His version is called Marxism. Marxism is about the people being able to do what they want, but not wanting to harm or exploit others. Marxism also involved getting rid of privately owned property, and the people controlling the means of production. However not much was written about what life would be like under these conditions.

Marxism- the view of communism that followed Marx's opinion

Karl Marx- Founder of Communism

Communism revived when Lenin began to write articles praising it. When the Russian Revolution started, Lenin came back to lead it. After overthrowing the government and the Czar, Lenin made Communism the way the government ran.

Lenin's view of communism involved the people leading a revolution to overthrow the government with the help of some smart people. However this comes into conflict with Marxism, as it states that the revolution will not need assistance, and it will happen out of no where, which Lenin denied.

Russian Revolution- Period of time when the Russians overthrew their government

Czar- Ruler of Russia(outdated)

Lenin- Leader of the revolution, wrote many articles about Communism

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