Peter and Anne

Anne Frank Tackk     Miccjeila Macklin     5th Period

Personally I feel that Anne’s tone in when she was talking with Peter in Act2, Scene 4, was excited, but yet ashamed. I say this because, in the dialogue Anne speaks on how great the sky and nature is, saying, “Look, Peter, the sky… what a lovely day! Arent the clouds beautiful ? ” (Goodwin 508). Anne also spoke about how she used to take for granted her freedom of nature, saying, “Its funny… I used to take it all for granted” (Goodwin 508). I think Anne had this conversation with Peter to inform or show him how easy it is to take small things for granted in life, but once you loose them, you will realize that. Anne wants Peter to believe her when she tries to explain to him that anything could happen, and he shouldn’t take the little things in life for granted as she did. From reading the text I think Anne’s hope for her own life is to allow herself to recongnize the more important things in life more often. Lastly I chose this image because it to me symbolizes nature and freedom.

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