Social Media
Unit 1 - Principles of Social Media

Task 1

  Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are used for global connection and integration as well as communication with family and friends. The communication use of these social media sites comes with their commenting systems and private chats which allow people to converse with one another. The global integration is brought in by "sharing" subjects with other people and pages dedicated to bands, TV shows and other things which show strangers which also found interest in the same topics. They can be used for profession use by making pages based on work however this is not their main use but there are examples such as Twitter pages and Facebook advertisements for Coca Cola, Monster, YouTube and other major industries. LinkedIn is used for professionals to look for jobs, network with other people in the industry and business owners use it to recruit workers. Google Plus is used for communication as well as some professional use when using the circles function to categorise subjects such as work, family, etc.

  In comparison to Twitter, Facebook is a more personal and private communication site as it only displays information that you register under certain privacy settings such as "Only Me", "Friends", "Friends of Friends" or "Everyone" so you can choose how integrated you want to be with people. Meanwhile Twitter doesn't limit this as your tweets can be seen by everyone who looks through your posts.

  A specialist site which applies to me as an artist is DeviantART which is used to post the works of any artist to be seen and recognised by the community which the site has built. They can find your art pieces by searching words which you could have used as a tag on your work. For example if you search the word "dog" and you posted a photo of your dog and you tagged the word the photo would appear somewhere in the list of registers pictures. And if you have found an artist you like the works of then you can add them to a list of followed artists which their work will appear under your notifications when they post new work so it is found instantly by your account. The cons of this site is that there can be a lot of images to look through before you find the quality you're after because there are thousands of posts on each tag so it could take awhile to find specific images.

Task 2

  I specifically use social media sites for communication with family, friends and work (mainly work) as well as seeing the art community when I have the chance. The site I used for communication is mainly Facebook but I also have accounts for Twitter and Tumblr. For my check on the artist community I used DeviantART but my account is very inactive as I very rarely have the opportunity to check my account.

  The main pro of social media is the instantaneous communication which is free for use for example if you post something like a photo people will see them linked under your profile. The main cons of social media is the way your open up to criticism and the instant communication takes away the real life communication. The internet isn't a friendly place where not everyone will like what you do and people have a tendency to be big mouthed about it because they're hidden behind a screen. the internet can also be an amazing place where people can effortlessly talk to each other without having to move so they don't move and don't see each other eye to eye anymore.

   Businesses and self-employers use sites to advertise and recruit which LinkedIn is a prime example of. Facebook can be used for advertisements and making pages but the advertisements cost money and the advertisements are randomly displayed so possible workers and customers may not see your advertisements or pages. LinkedIn is designed for professions so its far more beneficial to use it.

  Comparing personal use to business use of social media sites there are quite big differences such as the page setups. When in personal use the page set up like display photos tend to be of friends, family and the places you've been. A business page would display what they're selling and locations of their business. The written posts on a personal account could be on what someone did that day but a business would use written posts to display prices of their products. Personal use communication is with friends and family but business use is communication with clients who you aim to buy your products.

  Listening tools, such as Hootsuite, can be found on Google. They link all your social media accounts and arrange all the posts linked on your account on a dashboard which creates threads and categories so the posts are arranged so its easier. Listening tools show details such as the best output time for posts when your followers are on so customers can see your posts. The pro of using a listening tool is that it is easier to find specific information because the posts and details are categorised. The con of using a listening tool is that they're not really suitable for personal use because its more accounts to manage.

Task 3

  Personal risks are present when you use social media. Cyber bullying is someone using the internet to pick on and harass other people. Cyber bullying can be a cruel consequence of adding someone who doesn't like you or posting things that anyone can comment on because your privacy settings aren't set correctly. There are simple solutions to getting rid of cyber bullying at its early stages or just completely avoiding the situation by not adding people who you aren't friends with and setting your privacy settings to friends only so only the people you add can see your posts and comment on them. There are big examples of where cyber bullying has gone to far such as Amanda Todd who committed suicide after being bullied for posting an inappropriate picture of herself online which shows how big of an issue it can be and how big the consequences can be. Stalking can also occur on online sites when people post photos or written comments and their location is tagged onto these posts so people can find them. This can have massive consequences if your privacy settings aren't suitable for your account because it could show your address or workplace which someone you don't know could find. This issue can be avoided by setting the correct privacy setting but if this problem has started then the solution is to involve the police and then arranging your private information properly so the issue doesn't occur again. Another risk if the leaking of private information which occurs when people take photos of their drivers license, passport, debit cards, banking details or any other document with private details or ID. Despite it should be an obvious idea to not post important private details online, people do post these photos to kind of commemorate the moment which can risk someone using the details with bad intentions such as, in worst case scenario, identity theft. The privacy settings aren't really much help because even people you do know and are listed as a friend can use these details against you. The best way to avoid this problem is to not post any image of your private details but if you do then you'll have to spend your time getting a new debit card. If your want to just keep a photo of the event to commemorate yourself then you could set your privacy settings to "only me" so only you can see the photo but its still not a good idea.

  Posts can affect your employment and employability. As the popularity of social media has increased so has the use of these sites for employers to preform background checks on possible recruits. A person's social media account gives a good idea on the sort of person a employer is hiring. For example I don't think someone who posted drunken photos, insensitive jokes and foul language have much chance of being hired and I think if an employer found these things on their worker's account the worker would be sacked.

  There are plenty of things that could be on an account that could get the person in trouble such as racism, posting a picture of someone else without their consent, doctoring a photo, making sexual references, posting a private comment, etc. The only possible thing I think I could get in trouble for is ranting about people however I never mention any names or link their accounts.

  Privacy settings are options to make posts and photos only visible to certain groups of people. The way it works is that each post and your account itself will have a settings menu of some sort which will list the sort of people you want to be able to see your post like on Facebook the setups for privacy groups are "Only Me", "Friends", "Friends of Friends", "Everyone" and "Custom". "Only Me" is so that only you can see the post. "Friends" is so that anyone you have added as a friend can see your post. "Friends of Friends" is so that the people you have added as a friend can see your post and so can the people they have added as friends. "Everyone" is that everyone can see your post. "Custom" is where you can make it so only specific people you have added can see your post. My privacy settings on my Facebook account specifically are set to "Friends" but when I post links to anime/manga/light novels, art, games or certain websites I tend to use the "Custom" setting so I can link people to the post who I know have a shared interested and so I don't have to worry about any sort of criticism.

  Business now use social media to gather a wider audience. The creation and use of social media for a business can affect its reputation and popularity. Creating a social media outlet for your business can create many risks for the business. A business can prevent and reduce risks online by firstly setting up correct privacy settings which ensures that clients and business details are confidential and avoids security issues. Secondly only posting specific texts or images that relates to the business which establishes what a business does, aims for and offers a client. Thirdly, promoting the company philosophy in posts can increase the reputation of a company and make clients more trustful towards a company. Avoiding posting private messages on a business account as a business is a professional environment.

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