By Bobby Brian Lewis

The Asynchronous Learning Environment offers students a contrasting learning environment compared to the traditional classroom. In the Asynchronous Learning Environment, students can work at their own pace, rewind, practice , and learning at their own speed. This type of learning can be great for DI. Students can move at a fast pace or slow pace.  Students really tend to  love this type of learning it gives them freedom to learn.  Genius hour can be used in this type of learning. LMS can be used as a virtual classroom. I have taught with Edmodo as my LMS for over 4 years.  My students love the freedom to learn at their own pace. I love the ablitity to help as need and drive the learning. This type of learning puts the power of learning in the hands of the students.

Synchronous learning is your tradition type of learning. This is usually run by the teacher and the student is usually not a partner in the learning. Asynchronous can help motivate students. Students today need a different type of learning.   We can reach each student if we are diversified with learning.