Ocean Pollution

Why should we stop pollution?

I believe that we need to stop ocean pollution, and here is my main reason why. If we keep on ignoring the fact that we are doing wrong by putting trash into the ocean then, one day there will be no ocean. This means that there's no more swimming, beach parties, and marine animals. Why harm the marine life if we don't want to be harmed ourselves?

Pollution may not seem like a very big deal but I will explain why it is. Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The patch is characterized by exceptionally high relative concentrations of pelagic plastics, chemical sludge and other debris that have been trapped by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre. This garbage patch is the size of Texas! U.S. is responsible for 750,000 pounds of trash in the ocean.

Another reason why we should stop pollution is because not only does it affect marine life, it also affects the life of seabirds. Many seabirds relies on fish for their source of food. The population of Seabirds are decreasing because when they dive in the ocean they pick up garbage and waste instead of fish.

In conclusion of all of this, our actions are killing large amounts of animals. No living animal deserves to die over something we are doing on purpose. So the next time you see a piece of trash at the beach pick it up. Or the next time you're on a cruise, throw your trash in a trashcan not the ocean. One little change can make a big difference.


Trash in the Pacific Ocean.
Where the garbage patch is located.
Dead Seabird who swallowed garbage instead of fish.

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