There are rules to live your life?

BY: Jaylah Wright

Whats going on in Jonas society?

In Jonas society there are rules for absolutely everything.  From What to wear and how to wear to and when you have to start wearing hair bows, and becoming an adult.

Are all rules necessary ?

I dont belive that every rule in jonasas society is fair becaus each person in there own independent way so when a person is asked to leave the community over the littelist things i find it uncessary.

Do you think the punishment are fair?

Well in all honesty in my opinion its not fair because all people have rights and if you were to say something as little as dismissed you can get in trouble or even get kicked out of this siciety is a little extreme and overboard just o say on specific word.

Would you want to live in Jonas society?

Yes and no because when you ive in that type of enviorment you cant be yourself, or express youself weather that means thrue color or dance etc.. you cant do that because you are contorolled by things people tell you to do.

What happens to people who don't follow the rules

They get kicked out of the community and are shamed as they leave. Like when a man rode a plane over the community himself and his family were asked to leave or in Jonas society they say Dismissed. They don't go to jail like in our society they are dismissed.

Can rules and Laws be changed?

In Jonas society rules cannot be changed because he lives in a Eutopian society were everything is supposed to be perfect and rules are set in place for everythign to stay perfectr and stay in line.

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