A Imperial Scandal

Written by Jackson Wooten


Olivia- Oh i forgot Mr. President please forgive me sir I can't help VP Joe Biden was cheating on is wife with his mistress

President- You Forgot to tell the mistress to move to Alaska with 100,000 dollars wanting for her!

Olivia- I had to pick up my dry cleaning I need my white rain coat it was about to rain.

President- Oh you need your dry cleaning oh that is fair did you get lunch to and do you do some Christmas shopping while you were at it.

Olivia- There is no need for sarcasm

President- Your a real piece of work you know that well then a week with out by will do then.

Olivia- Oh sir please don't I need that money to by gives for my family.

President- Well i guess you should had been saving up then

Olivia- (Weeping) But But

President- But But WHAT!

Olivia- I'm SORRY!

President- Will now you been humiliated you can have your check.

Olivia- Th Th thank you sir.

President- Know go but something beautiful on

Olivia- Ye Ye Yes sir.

                                                                          ACT 1 - THE END

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