Aletheia Management provides access to capital for a variety of real estate and non-real estate projects worldwide. We are prepared to provide assistance in any country with the exception of those prohibited by the United States government and those with severe political unrest.

We provide direct access to the capital markets for both debt and equity capital raise. This can be accomplished through 144A, Regulation D, or Regulation S vehicles. (100% LTV). We have both legal and securities specialists to get your project funded.

We are Not a licensed US Securities firm or dealer and only use firms appropriately licensed and Better Business Bureau rated A or higher.

Private Equity Financing

We work directly with a seasoned International lender to provide innovative alternative financing for non-traditional borrowers. They control and manage a closed end fund with current assets in excess of $4,500,000,000 (USD) giving them the flexibility to develop creative financing structures to meet the most sophisticated demands of our clients.

Minimum funding: $15,000,000

If the project qualifies the client will pay into an attorney's escrow account an amount equal to 1% of the funding requested or loan value. These funds (Earnest money) are credited back to borrower at closing. These funds are refundable provided there is no fraud or acts of God.  These funds are initially used to retain the US Securities firm, Federal Bonding attorney and Bond Insurance.

The bond insurance guarantees the institutional buyers their money. If possible the Bonds will be rated by Standard and Poor's, or Best etc. The bonds are not sold to the general public but rather to institutions, pensions and etc.

All fees, and interest are built in and balloons at the end of the term. There is usually a moratorium on new construction projects of 2 to 3 years before borrower begins to pay at a rate of 8% APR.

The Private Equity lender also takes an ownership position of 25% and a seat on the borrowers company board.

We have done this in conjunction with the US Government on many projects and we use this funding method on any project that makes economic sense.

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