November 25, 2013 Edition

Give us 30 minutes... we'll make you a better, more-informed leader... here are the stories we cover in this week's Ministry Briefing...


  • Pastor Suggests Legalizing Marijuana in Crime Ridden Newark, NJ
  • Do You Live in One of the Ten Smartest Cities in North America?
  • Pastor Ministers Through Taxi Cab
  • New Graphic Shows Population Movement in U.S.
  • Partial Abortion Ban Blocked in Albuquerque
  • Fiction Label on Bible Alarms Costco Customers
  • Supreme Court Allows Texas Abortion Bill to Move Forward
  • Mormon City Named National Bible City


  • Snake Salvation Pastor Fights for Religious Liberty
  • First Book Ever Printed in America Auctioned in November
  • Churches Asked to Help Connect Citizens with Healthcare
  • Hayford's Seminary Relocates to Texas
  • Pastor Committed Suicide After Saving Man
  • It's Expensive to Build an Ark These Days
  • Pastor Arrested for Intent to Sell Pills
  • Public Schools Criticized for Partnering with Samaritan's Purse
  • Historian Accused of Misreading Statistics about College Students
  • Science Teacher Fired for Including Religion with Science Lessons
  • Teacher's Role in Public School Bible Study Challenged
  • Cheney Family Spat Clouds Senate Campaign for Liz
  • Successor to Chuck Smith Is Officially Voted In
  • Pastor Owned Property with Marijuana Store While Working for Police
  • Jobless Benefits Set to Be Cut in December
  • Church Robbed During Service
  • Liberty University Student Shot and Killed


  • UMC Pastors Marry After Meeting at Conference
  • Dire Prediction for Christianity in Britain
  • Baptist Church Donates Property to New Church Plant
  • Women Will Elected Bishops in Church of England
  • Catholics Are More Multicultural in the US
  • Major Religions Share Common Views of End of Life Issues
  • UMC Pastor Defrocked for Officiating His Son's Wedding


  • Workplace Darwinism: Are You Up For The Evolution?
  • Keeping It Real - 200th Blog Post
  • Irrevocable Principle
  • The Three Toxic Stooges of The Project Apocalypse
  • The Philosophy of Failure
  • Countries Full of Mistrustful People Are Less Entrepreneurial
  • What Does It Mean To Follow Your Passion?
  • Ask a Great Leadership Development Question - Get a Free Book!
  • 9 Ways To Avoid A Meaningless Mission Statement


  • Mahaney Dropped from Conference
  • Kathie Lee Gifford Pays Tribute to Graham


  • Saudi Arabians Most Likely to Tweet
  • Females Dominate Snapchat User Base
  • Over Half of Twitter Users Come from 5 Countries


  • Christians Most Likely to Adopt
  • Protestants Support Path for Citizenship
  • Wycliffe Predicts Greater Access to Bible
  • Giving Levels Off According to ECFA


  • Twible Retells Bible Stories in Tweets


  • China Backs Away from One-Child Policy
  • Korean Pastor Stole Billions According to Elders
  • Christian Group Censored in UK
  • Typhoon in Philippines Especially Bad for Children
  • Church of North India Hits Hard Times
  • Typhoon in Philippines Draws Limited Attention and Donations
  • Australian Bishop Warns State to Not Force His Hand
  • Pastor Who Defended Jews Honored