Playing With Formative Assessment


Click here to create a free account and start using padlet.  

  • Padlet is an online discussion board.  
  • Use for warm-ups and discussions.  
  • Use as a way for students to ask questions about what they are learning as they go.   whole-class brainstorming.  
  • Get a quick snapshot of what your kids know.   
  • Remind students to add their names to their responses unless you want them to be anonymous.  
  • How will you use Padlet?


  • Works much like Kahoot!
  • Can turn timer off
  • Can time up to 5 minutes
  • Question is displayed on student devices. Makes it better for use on laptops.
  • Students can work at their own pace, even with the timer turned on.
  • Makes assessment and practice seem like a game
  • The student sees a meme when they are finished with a question telling them whether they answered correctly or incorrectly. (They love this!)
  • Create a free account here!


  • Plickers is a student response system that gives teachers instant feedback without the use of a student device.
  • Print cards and keep them all year.
  • App can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Pre-enter multiple choice or true false questions
  • Each student holds up an individualized card and your device scans the cards and tells you instantly who is correct and incorrect.
  • You can show answers on the screen or hide the answers.
  • Great for checking for understanding during a lesson.
  • Program can run from your device so you are free to move around.
  • Works like a classroom response system only FREE!
  • Click here to create a Plickers account.

QR Codes

  • QR Codes get students to these assessment tools instantly without them having to type in URLs.
  • If you are in Google Chrome get the AnythingtoQRcode extension.
  • Other QR code generators can be found online.
  • QR Code Scavenger Hunts can get kids up and moving.
  • QR codes get kids directly to a site from anywhere to anywhere.


Click here to get to GradeCam.

  • GradeCam is a grading machine that only requires a device with a camera  
  • Uses a printable scantron sheet
  • Grades instantly using your elmo, device or laptop
  • Great for grading quizzes. You can grade as soon as they turn them in.
  • Allows students to self check during group work or independent work when answers are multiple choice
  • Can only be used with multiple choice questions
  • Students can be put into classes and results seen by teacher
  • Doesn’t work well in chrome.  I used Mozilla Firefox.

Go Formative

  • Use quick code: ZJVH734
  • you can make an account or just continue to assignment without logging in.
  • Very useful if you are trying to go paperless classroom
  • Works on any device
  • teachers can make classes
  • FREE
  • Multiple Choice, Short answer, True or False and show work option where students can show work or upload and image.

Google Forms and Flubaroo

  • Google forms is available to anyone with a google account. It does not require google classroom.
  • Create your own online tests.
    • multiple choice
    • open ended
  • Get a link or share it through google or email
  • Results will be sent to your google drive (also free from google) in a spreadsheet
  • Flubaroo is an add-on for Google sheets you can get from the chrome store.  Just open a google sheet, click "add on" and "find add ons"
  • Flubaroo will grade and sort your google form responses.
  • Can assign different point values
  • Teacher must submit an answer key to the google form so Flubaroo knows what the correct answers should be.
  • Flubaroo will compute average assignment score
  • Compute average score per question and flag low-scoring questions
  • Show a grade distribution graph
  • Gives you the option to email each student their grade, and an answer key
  • Lets you send individualized feedback to each student


  • 100% of the class is 100% engaged with Kahoot!
  • Kids are driven by a little friendly competition.
  • Teacher gets real-time data during the Kahoot for every question.
  • If you don't already use Kahoot!, go get started here.

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