Castyel - "Afternoon (Save Me)"

Artist: Castyel
Single: Afternoon (Save Me)
Label: The Dominion / Bliss Corporation
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Progressive House


1. Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version]

2. Afternoon (Save Me) [Radio Edit]

Here is the new catchphrase by Castyel ready to be heard. This time his catchy melodies transport us in a controversial relationship of love and hate, someone wants to escape but can't, at the end an afternoon could save. If you want to know how it will continue, you just have to listen the song,  it's already available in the most important digital stores.

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Morgan DJ - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] great track!!!!!!!!
Dee Jay Santi - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] I like this and will play it out in my shows.
Joe C DJ - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] Track has good energy
Air Jo3 DJ - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] love this song
J Christy DJ - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] Epic track!
Pascal H - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] good track will program it on
Riccardo Rostellato DJ - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] good very good
DJ Greatdrake - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] I will play this track on my show
DJ DiRRty HaRRi - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] great track !
DJ Fresh - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] love this track
Antonio Falcone - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] It's a mental trip
Rockin RC -  Afternoon (Save Me) [Radio Edit] will play ...
Daniele Tosi - Afternoon (Save Me) (Radio Edit) good
Tony Cozzolino (Radio Siena) - Afternoon (Save Me) (Radio Edit) good sound
Cedric Gervais - Afternoon (Save Me) (Extended Version) thanks!
Radio Hits Collection- Afternoon (Save Me) (Radio Edit) Not bad. I want see this song in top 50 dance charts.
Sean Ison - Afternoon (Save Me) (Radio Edit) A very interesting track
Dj Mns - Afternoon (Save Me) Yes!
Italian Dance Music - Afternoon (Save Me) (Radio Edit) Good
DJ Bryant - Afternoon (Save Me) (Extended Version) HOT HOT HOT
Silvio Carraro - Afternoon (Save Me) (Extended Version) not bad
Jocksmag - Afternoon (Save Me) (Extended Version) Great project, complete. Well done! Thanks for the promo and good work .
Gianfranco Sorangelo - Afternoon (Save Me) (Extended Version)ok
Bryant - Afternoon (Save Me) (Extended Version)HOT HOT HOT
Daniele Gladich (Radio Wideline)Afternoon (Save Me)Bello, orecchiabile. Ok
Freddy Corsten - Afternoon (Save Me) (Extended Version)Thanks for sending, if Ferry support we'll let you know!
Luca Michelini - Afternoon (Save Me) nice
Patrick Asturiano- Afternoon (Save Me) (Extended Version) nice track
Avery Usita - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] Great track! Thanks for the hook up.
Marcelo Domingues - Afternoon (Save Me) [Extended Version] Novidade na programao!

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