Si Tapas

Communidad at Si Tapas

1) My Experience

The atmosphere of Si Tapas was a good experience as it gave off a sort of Spanish vibe, however the food wasn't all that great. I went with Santiago and we both ordered the quail, but unfortunately it was subpar.

2) What I Learned

The Spanish culture that is perceived by many people in Texas is through foods such as Tex Mex. I learned that in Spain, this isn't the case and that Spanish food is actually vastly different. A typical Tex Mex meal consists of chips and salsa and an enchilada or burrito. In Spain, the food is of some meat such as quail or chicken served with bread or a vegetable.

3) How I Can Use This in My Life

I no longer have the idea that all Spanish food consists of chips and queso or fajitas but there is a lot more to it. Spanish food is a large different number of foods such as grilled quail or chicken. I now have the knowledge of what Spanish food actually is.

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