All About Me

I have have so much to tell y'all!

A School Project

Hi, I am Jasmine Sawtelle, I am in sixth grade! This is my Tackk and it's all about me!

My Interest

Well, I'm 12 years old and I love to be with my friends. I've taken dance classes since I was 2 1/2, then I couldn't stop! I also love all things Disney. I really like Taylor Swift. I also truly enjoy the Harry Potter series. One of my other passions is sewing. I enjoy also enjoy doing cosplay with my homemade costumes.

My Dream Job

Who wouldn't want to work in the Happiest Place on Earth?

The job I want most is to work in Disneyland. My main priority is to work as one of the Disney Characters in the park, but I would also be thrilled just to have a job there. I know the character job most likely won't work for long, because our appearances change, but I would love to do that for a while.

My Computer Skills

Thank You for Reading!

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