7 Things You Didn't Know About Me

By Lucas M

I really love food not in a eating way but in a making new foods and trying new foods way.

I have always wanted to do something to do with food when I grow up.

I always make dinner for my family.

I am really sporty I play rugby and softball for weekend sport.

I do swimming, cricket and basketball etc with friends.

My favourite sport is rugby.

I really enjoy time with family but not with my sister .

We are worst enemies but I still love her because if I didn't mum would kill me.

I spend more time doing games and sport with my dad and brother more than my actual friends.

I am very social I have three best friends and about 7 really good friends.

I like doing biking playing games and doing sport with friends.

Here is a video me and some friends made last year for school.

I have two cats and we are getting goldfish to put in our pond.

I really really, more than anything! want a dog.

I really enjoy animals researching them and meeting them.

I love going to the petting zoo.

Haumoana zoo is my favourite

I enjoy the outdoors  camping swimming hiking it is so fun for me.

I have a tent similar to this one .