The Wright Brothers

Come Fly with us

Wilbur Wright (1867-1912)

Orville Wright (1871-1948)

Wilbur and Orville Wright were born in two different places over the four year span. Wilbur Wright was born in Millville, Indiana. But, Orville Wright was born in Dayton, Ohio.                                   

                                                              Backround of scientist

I do not know where they went to school. But, i do know that they had plans to go to Yale. But, never recieved there diplomas . When they were in their teens they had a bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio.

                                                    Work Information about your scientist

They worked in U.S.A. The Wright brothers made the airplanes possible.On Dec. 17 1903 it all happened near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina they made three attempts to fly with the flying machine. The most they got was 900 meters. They finally invented a flying machine.

                                                         Other intresting information

Most newspapers had it all wrong about the Wright brothers the dates, and locations were off. Orville Wright took special subjects in school. (other than set cources)



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