Stress With Teens

How to get help and how to over come stress

Stressful Things

some stressful things are: lots of work, busy day, going to work and school, family problems, getting behind, being sick, and relationship problems.

People To Contact

You can talk to your guidance councilors, a therapist, your doctor or even a friend or family member can help you overcome your stress.

You can call or visit your doctor, call or visit a friend or family member, the guidance councilor Mrs. Zizzi that you can contact at

Ways To Relieve Stress

Mediate- a few minuets a day

Breath Deeply- take a 5 minuet break

Be Present- slow down and focus on only one behavior

reach out- social network is one of the best ways to relieve stress

Tune In To Your Body- take recognition of how stress affects you each day

Decompress- wrap a warm towel around your neck and shoulders for 10 minuets

Laugh-  enlightens the mood and lowers cortisol

listen to music- listening to smooth music lowers anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure  

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