Audio broadcasting

                                                        session 1

in session one all you did was get a under standing of how the radio is than the TV and with how the radio works when it go's on air. the other thing was how AM & FM radio are not the same.

                                                           session 2

all we did was speck in to a microphone with a per made AD witch was recorded so you can see and fell how it is to be in a radio AD.

                                                                session 3

All you do is start to mack a AD from the news to do like in session 2 but with one from today sanders of news.

                                                          session 4

the thing that you did in session 4 was record a news story and commentary for some resent news. like weather money or some thing like that.

                                                         session 5&6

all you do in this session is mack a led in and a led out for your broadcast to go with your news that you had to make.


you finished the radio broadcast  with the lead in and the led out. you also made it in to a CD.

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