Holocaust Summaries

Concentration camps you have probably heard of one. Almost seven decades ago hundreds of Jews were held here then starved and executed.That included men,women,and children no matter their age,because the Germans believed that the Jews were a threat to their survival.

In the picture above you can see that this boy was starved to the brink of death and most if not all were in the same condition.In Bergen-Belsen during March 1945 around 18,000 prisoners of the camp died of disease or starvation.Also if the Germans got word that the Americans were coming the Germans would burn and shoot the Jews until they ran out of ammo and left.


The Germans were antisemitism,what this means.It means the Germans were prejudice or hostile to them in this case both.The Germans believed that they were a superior race and that Jews,homosexuals,etc. were a threat to their survival and they called it the "Final Solution."   

Hitler and the Wehrmacht took over half of Europe in three years with over 7 million followers.

The US and the holocaust

The United States joined the war at the end of 1941 after the bombing of pearl harbor bringing the allies to full power with the British,Polish,Canada,and the U.S. in the war.

When the U.S. joined the war they had no idea about the concentration camps/work camps the first that was made was the Dachau in 1933 and most of the camps were found in 1943 and 1944.The allies had never found a camp before because the Germans wanted to keep them a secret and when the allies got close the Germans would try to destroy the camp to hide the evidence that they ever did mass murders of the Jews.

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