Brighton Beach Memoirs!
by: Lluvia Jaquez <3

The Great Depression.

The Great Depression was from (1929-1939). It was one of the worlds deepest and long-lasting economic downturns in the history of the Western Industrialized world!

In the United States, The Great Depression began after the stock market crash of October 1929 and wiped out millions of investors. By 1933 the Great Depression reached its nadir. About 13-15 million people were unemployed, and about half of the country's banks failed. President Franklin D. Roosevelt helped lessen the worst effects of the Great Depression in the 1930's.

The economy fully turned around after 1930.

Colleges of the 1930`s.

A college that would be perfect for Eugene to go to would be "Boston College". Because it is a Baseball college and that was what Eugene wanted to be other than a writer and it is near New York. Tuition was $400. A room and board were $520 and text books were $35. Thedifferences between the colleges now and then is that now they are way more expensive than before.The mascot for "Boston College" is "Baldwin the Eagle!"

In the 1930`s a gallon of gas was 10cents.Different kinds of foods cost different kinds of money,for example 2% Milk was $1.59 a gallon,Bacon $1.69 cents per pound and 0Pork Loin Roast 15 cents per pound. Another thing people would buy was a car and those were about $640.

Stan's Apology

  Mr.Stroheim I wanted to apologize for my behavior the other day. I was standing up for what I believe but I shouldn't of put the dirt on your shoes.

  I wanted to apologize for my behavior and actions towards you. I should not have interfered between you and the janitor.That was something you and him should have solved in your own.

    I think you should hire me back because I like what i do. I work hard and I need the money for me and my family. I promise to not interfere with your decisions anymore, and I won't ever throw dirt in your shoes again.


Broadway Show!

The first Broadway show of "Victoria Victoria" was in 1995.

The cost of the tickets were 30cents.

My Review (:

Brighton Beach Memoirs is a great play by Neil Simon that talks about after The Great Depression but in The Great Depression. The play is worth reading because it is interesting and a little bit dirty but funny.My favorite part of the book was when when Stanley left his house because there was a lot of tension and excitement.My favorite character was Stanley because i can relate to him. People should read this book because it is worth your time reading it. <3 

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