Revent 724 Double Bakery Rack Oven - Stratton Sales

Stratton Sales Provied Revent 724 Double Rack oven is perfect for schools, hospitals, retail and commercial bakeries.

Revent 724 Double Rack Oven
Double rack rotary gas fired oven, 343,000 BTU capacity, with counterbalanced mechanical action (non-motorized) overhead rack lifting device which offers hygienic, flush floor, oversized baking chamber capable of accommodating up to (2) single oven racks or (1) double oven rack.

High efficiency double layer overlapping mineral wool insulation, to maintain proper baking conditions. High volume/low velocity upward airflow distributions system to provide perfectly even heat distribution in the baking chamber. Reinforced floor, flush mounted floor ramp, zero inch clearance on back and sides. Full length window in door with integral full-length fluorescent lamp and light.

Compact Cross Line efficient heat exchanger and independent steel ball steam system to provide greater steam generation. Both are side mounted for easy removal. Manual damper and digital oven controls which include 240 minute bake timer; 573 degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature, (2) separate steam timers, one to control the water inlet time, the other to control the burner and fan delay. Power ventilation switch for the cooling down of the oven.