Almost Home

by Joan Bauer

The main character is Sugar Mae Cole and her puppy Sush.

Sugar's home where she lives with her mom Reba.

Mr. B's class room

Sugar's dad is a gambler and that is a a huge problem for Sugar and Reba.

Sugar and Reba become homeless.

Reba is checked into a mental hospital because she has a break down.

Since Reba is in the hospital Sugar must find some where to live so she moves in with Lexie and Mac a very nice couple.

Will Reba be ok? Will her, Sugar, and Shush ever make it home? Read and find out!

Reviews: "Skillfully tells the tale of precocious and street-smart Sugar Mae Cole" -John Grogan author of Marley and Me for THE NEW YORK TIMES.

"Sugar...will read readrs' hearts." -Kirkus Reviews, starred review."

"Sugar's anger, fear, humility, and resolve are portrayed with insight and compassion."    -Publishers Weekly

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