Zero Calorie Foods:
5 Foods That I Miss Most

For some odd reason today I am missing some of my favorite foods EVER!  So, since I can't eat them anymore mostly for food related reasons and some based on their location, I thought I'd make a #Tackk about it. Plus, a Tackk is so much less fattening.

The 5 foods I miss most are:

1. Mom's Huckleberry Cheese Pie

2. Waddell's 1/2 lb Bacon Burger

3.  Rubio's Fish Tacos and a ton of their chips and salsa.

4. Peanut m&m's

5.  Nello's Pizza

So, you are probably wondering what makes these 5 things so special.  Well, I'm gonna tell you either way.  

Huckleberry Cheese Pie

Mom's Huckleberry Cheese Pie

Well, first of all, it's my mom's recipe and she has been making it forever, or just a little longer. As a kid, we had to go pick the wild huckleberry from the forests of North Idaho will only being fed peanut butter and jelly and drinking Tang as our only form of payment for our hard work, all this while avoiding bears! Our hard work always paid off with a Huckleberry Cheese Pie with a buttery graham cracker crust, the sweetened cream cheese pie portion all topped off with those glorious huckleberries. Right now, if I could, I wouldn't just eat one slice, I'd eat 8.

Waddell's 1/2 Bacon Burger:

Destroying a 1/2 pounder

A local burger joint that I discovered a couple years ago.  They make amazing burgers.  When starving, I crave burgers and when I act upon those cravings, the burgers never really have a chance.  There are times that I have eaten two 1/2 lb burgers in one sitting and will still be hungry.  But at $11 a burger, that can get spendy.  Waddell's is located in Spokane, Wa.

Rubio's Fish Tacos

Rubio's has a special place in my heart.  I discovered Rubio's when I was on my way to Babies R' Us to shop for my newborn niece.  It was truly, love at first bite.  From that point on, the hubby and I ate there ALL the time.  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and some Sundays.  Every time I had a baby, the General Manager would send fish tacos over to the hospital for me to enjoy and share with my newborn babies!  My love for Rubio's went so far that for my birthday one year, the hubby and I drove from Phoenix to the original Rubio's on Mission Beach in San Diego, CA.  The hotel we stayed at was directly adjacent to that Rubio's.  What a great place, they were rolling out fresh tortillas right in front of us and always making sure our tacos were properly adorned with a slice of lime.

Peanut M&M's

My favorite candy ever.  Peanuts and chocolate with bright colors, quick and easy to pop them in your mouth.  I love chocolate and these are the best.  

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Who doesn't love pizza?  Especially since this is a no holds barred Tackk, it doesn't really matter!  I love Nello's Pizza.  The thing is when you want Nello's, you better plan ahead. On a SLOW business day, it'll take you 45 minutes after you order to get your pizza.  It's a long, but well worthwhile wait.  One thing about Nello's is that they were ahead of the rest of the world with their kind of funky topping combinations and they were amazing.  

Well, if I were to eat all of these things I would be so happy, temporarily.  Then I'd have to go work out.......a lot.  This Tackk was created while I was obviously starving, I don't suggest acting on such a Tackk while starving, the calorie count is enormous.